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07860 227450


The Kelsey Trust was registered with the Charity Commissioners in September 2007 with the objectives of helping young children and young adults aged 18 (now 21) and below who are from deprived backgrounds or suffer from physical or mental disabilities to enjoy a better quality of life by making grants of money for providing or paying for items, services or facilities. Our areas of support include the Counties of Cornwall, Devon, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. These locations are better known to the Trustees.


The Charity was set up initially with funds from a legacy of the Chairman’s family leaving with sufficient funding to start. Tony Warren, Andrew and Penny Boyce were to be the Trustees.2017 was a very special year being the 10th anniversary of the original inauguration of the Trust.


Being only a small family charity we are proud to have been able to donate a total figure in excess of £250,000 in the first 10 years to many wide ranging individuals, groups and local charities. Individuals and groups include the purchase of sailing boats for Horizons sailing charity in Plymouth, a competitive boat for an individual with cerebral palsy, an annual East European adventure trip for up to a dozen youngsters from deprived areas in both the South West and South East. We have also provide equipment for a local Plymouth school so that pupils can compete in the junior 10 Tors on Dartmoor which they otherwise would not have been able to do.

The following are just a few of other local Charities we regularly support which include;

  • Children’s Hospice South West, Devon and Cornwall.
  • Challengers in Guildford.
  • Cherry Trees in East Clandon Surrey.
  • Music Accord in Plymouth.
  • Meru in Epsom, Surrey.
  • Whoopsadaisy in Brighton.
  • Wishmore Trust Academy in Chobham, Surrey.
  • GASP Motor Project in Shere, Surrey.
  • Shooting Star Chase, Children’s Hospice in Guildford.
  • Island Trust, Exeter and Plymouth.
  • White Lodge Centre, Chertsey.


A small selection of images showing the help that our charity provides – to improve the lives of youngsters in need of it. We help provide different exciting trips, as well as paying for items, services or facilities.


The next 10 years we hope to expand our activities which we can do so with your support. Any donations, however small are always welcome. Please get in touch via any of our details below.


The Red House, Felix Drive, West Clandon, Surrey, GU4 7TH


07860 227450

Reg. Charity No.

Reg. Charity No.



Any donations, however small are always welcome, and will be used directly to help support and create opportunities for young children and young adults. Please use the contact details above, or the donation link below to make a donation to The Kelsey Trust. Thank you.